Scrimshaw (2021)

Historical Drama (based on true events) 

The untold story of Lem Billings and his devotion to the Kennedys, from his passionate and painful friendship with Jack through to his lonely death in New York.

Eurotrashed (2020)

Tragicomic European Road Film 

Portuguese workaholic Marta joins a roadtrip around central Europe with a ragtag group of interpreters to spread her deceased colleague’s ashes, embarking on an emotional rollercoaster with her fellow travellers: neurotic German Andreas, bubbly Spaniard Concepcion, perplexing Estonian Heikki, and, of course, Marta’s English ex, Rob, whom she recently dumped.

Haven Under Glass (in progress)

Historical Drama 

In early 1970s London, fate conspires to bring Gujarati doctor Raj and recently widowed socialite Millie together to open a secret gay bar and ride the rising tide of LGBT activism.

Illuminated (in progress)

Historical Comedy Drama 

A rival abbey and monastery are forced to reckon with each other after a nun and monk become friends looking after an abandoned litter of kittens.


A Death in Cascais (2020)

4-Episode Historical Drama (based on true events)

When the young Portuguese aristocrat Carlos Burnay is found dead with a bullet in his neck, Inspector Daniel Castro is brought on to get to the bottom on things – but, in country gripped by fascism, is justice possible when the case exposes links between the upper classes and the seedy illegality of the gay scene?

Thornbush (2018)

8-Episode Historical Drama (based on true events)

The precipitous rise and fall of Soviet secret police Commissar Nikolai Yezhov, whose blind devotion to Stalin as the General Secretary’s “Iron Fist” crushed a nation and destroyed Yezhov’s friends, family, and sanity.

White Walls (2018)

3-Episode Historical Drama

In 1930s Hamburg, Alwin Kettman betrays his gay community, his family, and his lover to rise through the ranks of the Nazi Party, seeking to reclaim the pride and possessions he lost in the fallout of the Great War.


Without Form and Void

Weary psychonaut Cornelius visits a strange doctor for the ultimate high.

"I... I remember seeing more. When I was a child. Seeing things that other people couldn’t see. Understanding the world on a... a primal level. I don’t know when it went away. But I want it back. I’ve always wanted it back."

Puppy Love

A lovesick Richard waits for Philip to come see him. Lev can't understand why.

"Well, go on then. Fuck off. I’ll take care of him. And if you show your face round here again, I’ll hurt you. I’ll really fucking hurt you."

Sticky Fingers

A woman prepares her girlfriend for her first time.

"Does it... make it better? Do you... do you like it more when... when it hurts?"

The Lick of the Flame

Two policemen have it on good authority that a young Marxist aristocrat is corrupting the women of London.

"Women brought me to socialism, so I return the favour."

One for My Baby

Northern Ireland is the last country in the British Isles with no abortion rights.

"Don’t throw up. Don’t throw up or I swear I’ll make you fucking eat it. There’s another sponge in the bucket. Just do the blood. I’ll do the chunks."

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