Feast of Antlers (2019)

Vasily spends his days nursing excruciating migraines in the run-down St Petersburg apartment he shares with Yuri, who vaccilates from his abuser to his friend to something else besides. As his brain throbs, Vasily remembers his time in the army, and how a few short months in the Siberian tundra fractured the lives of so many conscripts.

Sweetmeat (2017; rewritten in 2019)

Sigmund and Christian meet in a twist of fate and almost instantly slot into a symbiotic relationship. Faced with incomprehension from their friends and family, they start to cut themselves off from the outside world to be together. As they run out of ways to become closer to one another, their relationship heads towards a final, horrific boundary.

Sweetmeat was produced at the 2017 Brighton Fringe and the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe. It has since undergone significant rewrites.

The Finest Ruin (2016)

In 1921, Edwin Lutyens is commissioned to create a memorial to the citizens of Leicester who lost their lives in the Great War. In 1953, Asha and Betty meet at the foot of Leicester's Arch of Remembrance, and discover the monument connects them more than they ever imagined. A story about art, loneliness, and how we shape our environments as much as they shape us.


The Finest Ruin was commissioned by the Leicester City Council as part of the Story of Parks project. It was performed in July 2016 and August 2017 at the Y Theatre in Leicester, and in November 2017 for a Remembrance Day performance.

The Grindstone (2014)

Elliot Baker, a troubled prodigy fresh out of university, finds himself thrown into the deep end of Timothy Whitbread’s electoral campaign. He struggles to stay afloat amidst his struggles with mental health, morality, and an increasingly ambiguous relationship with his mentor, Cyril, Tim's spin doctor and close friend.

The Grindstone was performed by Leicester University Theatre at the Little Theatre in Leicester in 2014.

Abel, an enthusiastic priest fresh out of the seminary, begins to realise that the liberal mentality he learned in France isn’t welcome in rural Salazarist Portugal. He’s relieved to meet the eccentric aristocrat Cesar Barbosa, who sweeps Abel up in his glamorous lifestyle. However, as he finds himself increasingly immersed in the Barbosa family’s issues, Abel begins to realise things might not be as perfect as they seem.

Eden was performed by Leicester University Theatre in 2014.

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Walt and Jez are getting ready for quarantine, but the age gap in their relationship gives them very different perspectives on the pandemic.

"It’s affecting normal people. Polite society. Nice straight nans and granddads who’ve had nice straight kids who’ve had nicer, straighter kids. Even Tory Britain won’t just let them die, think of the optics."

The woods. Three girls. A knife.

A short story about hybristophilia.

"He wants a sacrifice. A virgin. ’Cause he likes them best. And I took my dad’s car to drive us here, so he better turn up."

Necessary Sacrifices was performed at the Drayton Arms in 2019.

Two cult members have second thoughts right before boarding a plane to fulfill a mission from their leader.

"He’s the only one who hasn’t hurt us."

"Yet. I’ve seen the looks in his eyes. When there’s a shooting on TV. When he reads those books about climate change and human extinction and poisons and - misery. It’s the same look my mom had."

The Brothers Fear was written for the May 2018 edition of 1448 Leicester.

An English tourist and a male prostitute negotiate their relationship in mid-century fascist Portugal.


"You English! You think everything is about you. Making you happy. Making you rich. Making you feel good and, and important. And us? You fuck us."


Grito was written for RCSSD's New Writing night. In 2018, it was performed at the RCCSD New Studio and the Arcola Theatre.

Amber thought she was straight - until the government told her otherwise.

"I don’t like women."

"That must make life hard for you."

"You know what I mean. I’m not gay."

The Department of Interpersonal Relations was performed at the Southwark Playhouse and the Pleasance Theatre in 2019.

Wife, mother, sister and daughter. Entrepreneur + passionate advocate for the education and empowerment of women and girls. An exclusive interview with Ivanka Trump.

"Around Christmas, just before I went home, someone knocked on my door and I opened it to find a copy of Seventeen with a sneeze of tepid jizz across the glossy surface of my dress."

Written for the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama's New Writing Night in February 2017.

1967, Egypt. The country is in the throes of anti-Semitic violence. A Jewish family meets for Friday night dinner.

"They? They don’t want us there. Israel wants European Jews. White Jews."

Challah and Hamin was longlisted for Sky Blue Theatre’s British Theatre Challenge in 2019.

Philip II joins Richard the Lionheart for the first Christmas since King Henry II's death.

Inspired by the play Lion in Winter by James Goldman.

"I am not like your brother. You were twenty-four. I didn’t know how to love, before. I don’t know that I do now. I only know you."

A short play about Mickey and Dante, two mobsters hiding out in an attic after a slightly botched bank robbery. Featuring sexual tension, blood and a lot of Italian food.

"Hey, hey, if you’re implyin’ I got some sorta barely repressed homosexual love and desire for Michael d’Amato..."

"Yeah that’s what I’m implying."

Dante's Limbo was performed at the Y Theatre in Leicester and at the Bread and Roses pub in London in 2015.

Poppy has lots of dresses. Colin wants to wear them. Poppy loves the idea. Maybe more than Colin.

"When I look in the mirror... I see a man, a young man, all broad shoulders and big feet and rough skin, wearing an unwanted strappy dress that’s a little too short because he’s a little too tall. And I think he looks great."

A short play about a man coming out to his father.

"I’ve come to the conclusion that I... am a homosexual."

"Son. My only male heir. Son, son, son. So am I."

Everyone Was Gay won the Leicester University Theatre's end of year award for best short script in 2014. It was performed at The Rocket Ackton in 2019.

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