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'I was born to feel my blood vessels burst under your teeth.'


How far would you go to fulfill your fantasies?


Sigmund longs for more closeness than any of his partners has been able to offer. 


Christian wants to be consumed, to disappear completely and utterly inside someone else. 


When the two men are brought together by chance, their relationship soon reaches dizzying heights of morbid passion as their desires start to be fulfilled.


Bold and stylised but not dark or edgy. Shocking but never played for shock value. Inspired by the true story of consensual cannibal Armin Meiwes, Sweetmeat is a play about loneliness, romantic intensity, and the purity of love.

"The whole show feels akin to a string on a violin continually being wound by the tuning peg until it snaps (...) It’s a pace that is rarely done so well in writing, and if Alfred Hitchcock were still alive he’d undoubtedly be all over this."

- GrumpyGayCritic


- BroadwayBaby

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